Mr. Harold Yip

Mr. Harold Yip

Co-founder & Executive Director
Secure Information Disposal Services Limited;
Co-founder, Mil Mill

Mr. Harold Yip is the co-founder of Secure Information Disposal Services Limited (SSID), an award-winning waste and environmental management company established in 2009. SSID has launched Mil Mill in 2019, which is the first pulp mill and education centre in Hong Kong to recycle beverage cartons. Mil Mill has developed the capacity to process 50 tons of beverage cartons/mixed papers daily and transformed these useful materials, that were treated as trash and dumped into the already saturated landfills, into recycled paper products.

Prior to this, Mr. Yip had been working for several multinationals including Double A HK as General Manager, Lyreco HK as Managing Director and Jardine Group in a senior manager position.

Mr. Yip holds a BBA Degree and an EMBA degree from CUHK.

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